Geelong Courthouse show

What a great night we had at the beautiful theatre at Courthouse Arts in Geelong. With Andrew Gray at the helm, we heard a great range of stories from the audience. Many perspectives of life from members of the Geelong community. And with a talented team of actors (Petra, Tim, Danny, Alex, Emily), musicians (Karen @ Ernie) & lighting by Alan, each story found theatrical form. Thanks for the team at Courthouse Arts for inviting us down and thanks to all the people who joined us in the audience. Please feel free to leave a comment here to continue the conversation. Hopefully we’ll be back in Geelong again soon.

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2 thoughts on “Geelong Courthouse show

  1. Simone says:

    I just came back from a performance from Playback Theatre at the Courthouse in Geelong. WOW! I had no idea that this sort of theatre was possible. The stories that I saw performed by the actors looked as if they had been prepared weeks in advance. The show was such an amazing, positive experience. As an adolescent/young person in Geelong I really cannot recommend Playback Theatre enough. It blew my mind. I am on such a high. Prior to seeing the show I had been worried about a few things going on in my personal life, but the Playback Theatre performance just spoke to me in such a way that I feel at peace and able to tackle anything now, despite not having my own story told to me.

    I have not laughed like that in ages. I cannot thank Playback Theatre enough. Personally, I think the bottom line was that the stories were performed in an incredibly beautiful and feel-good manner: it was magic.

  2. Thanks Simone,

    Sherridan Company Manager here, it was a fabulous night and as usual the company were so fantastic. Ernie and Karen's music was so fine, love the combination of violin and wooden thingy being played. My mum and dad who live in Geelong came along and my dad told his story about arriving in Australia on the eve of a Grand Final between Geelong and Carlton in 1952 where Geelong won. Dad then continued to say how he met my mum on stage and they fell in love, the company played back his story with compassion, love and joy, it was just great. Thank you my dad felt so special. Xx

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