Moments by Sherridan Green, Company Manager

Since starting with Melbourne Playback in November 2011, I have had many exciting moments as the Company Manager. Let’s start at the beginning; the 30th Birthday Celebration where, as the newest member of Melbourne Playback, I stood in the epicentre of a long spiral, surrounded by over 70 past members. I felt a rush of excitement and a sense of pride as I joined this inspirational group of people at such a milestone in the company’s history.

Next, to Shepparaton for the company’s performance at Riverlinks Theatre on the theme of ‘Mystery’. In a hire van we travelled as a company to the gig and I just loved it but questioned my enthusiam in doing the schools mailout at the same time! The performance was just great and the moment of it all coming together was when Danny, who was conducting, asked the audience “Is there anything anyone would like to say?” A gentleman who had not spoken before said he felt warmed by the stories people told and he understood that we were not so different, that from each person’s story there was something he could relate to in his own life. He had the feeling of being connected.

Stephen Donelly, Manager Performing Arts and Conventions, Riverlinks Complex of Performing Arts Centre Shepparton said:

“Melbourne Playback has the gift of extracting honesty and the evening was a revelation: Every person has a fascinating story and that story has relevance to us all.”

It was indeed a pleasant and honest evening!

At the end of January Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, co-founders of Playback Theatre, came and workshopped with the company. Such a fantastic opportunity to see the creators express their points of view and pass on their learnings which was enriching and enlightening.

The moment here was when I told a story that Jo Salas conducted. I felt so special and I don’t know why exactly but I know I felt so in the moment, so alive, so seen and heard.

The Melbourne Playback Theatre Company performers played back my story and from this I saw something about my self that I had not seen or understood before. I was blown away!

And if I was not already sold on Playback Theatre as being transformative and insightful, this performance certainly sealed the deal!

**This is something I recommend for every person to do in their lifetime – Have a story of yours played backed by Melbourne Playback Theatre Company. But beware – it is addictive. Everyone has many stories to be told.

More moments soon………. Sherridan Green

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One thought on “Moments by Sherridan Green, Company Manager

  1. Mike McEvoy says:

    It's wonderful to add your stories to the meta-playback story Sherridan! I wish I'd been at the performance in Shepparton, it sounded great.

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