Lost Stories and Other Adventures – Beckett Theatre, Coopers Malthouse


Chance encounters, mysterious strangers and chats at the coffee machine. The challenges and triumphs, the heroes and villains, this is your year on stage. Uncover forgotten moments and celebrate your year with Melbourne Playback.

This is what the audience had to say from performances recently held at the Beckett Theatre, the Coopers Malthouse.

“I love the way you honour people’s stories – what is said and what is unsaid. I feel enlivened – not only as I consider the process and synchronicity of the performance, but as I consider the emotions captured and expressed. Thank you :)”


“It was the most amazing & gripping & wonderful journey! For some unknown reason I had tears rolling down my cheeks at times, and laughed a lot at other times.”


“Amazed at actor’s improvising skills and ability to quickly determine the means by which they expressed the ‘Lost Stories’.”


“I really enjoyed the integrity the cast have with sharing stories from the audience. The truth and generosity is really rewarding from an audience perspective.”


“I Loved it! Amazing – my stories were there and I didn’t say a word.”


“Fun, different, entertaining, enlightening! and special. Eye-opening to hear different people’s stories.”


Thank you everyone for coming…

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