Getting ‘Down Under’


Let’s not mess around…let’s get ‘Down Under‘ with a very special one-off performance that will be held on Friday 22 May at the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

We want you in the audience for this exciting show so comment below and be in the draw to win tickets.

We have two double passes to give away.

Our theme is a big topic. Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a loaded word. Some champion it, some see it as a distraction from treaty and constitutional recognition. The definition of the word means: ‘to bring together again; regain; win over again, conciliate

What does reconciliation mean to you? If not reconciliation, what word would you use? What is your wish for First Nations and non-Indigenous Australia?

Many wonderful people are coming from far and wide to take part in this very special performance. We can’t wait to hear the stories that will be shared and the connections that will be made.

A playback show is a conversation, and we want to start this conversation now.

What does reconciliation mean to you?

Let us know in the comment section below. Two comment-eers will win a double pass each to the show!

So, let us know, what does reconciliation mean to you? Comment below to win!

We will draw the winners on Wednesday 20th May. Winners will be notified by email.

Or, if you just want to book some tickets, you can do that HERE

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4 thoughts on “Getting ‘Down Under’

  1. Carlina says:

    Reconciliation recognises the first peoples of this land and points to a mindset that must be addressed regarding the respect and equality of all people occupying this land. It specially needs to embrace ostracised and vulnerable people, including the nationless newcomers, who live unconvicted but in detention. Reconciliation is to treat all humans as family; to welcome and to share.

  2. Rachael says:

    To me reconciliation means working, living and sharing knowledge and respect with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. But more than that, I think constitutional and political empowerment of Indigenous communities is most important for Australia to move forward.

  3. Tim says:

    Reconciliation is looking another flawed human in the eye, with no assumption of nobility or shame, and not flinching.

  4. Mike says:

    To me reconciliation means nurturing and rebuilding respectful and healthy relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. And importantly, as a non-indigenous Australian it means reconciling this nation’s past (and current) injustices and hurt through my personal attitudes and actions today. It means supporting constitutional recognition, being compassionate, seeking opportunities to learn, respecting and honoring stories… and so much more… I’m still learning and yearning for reconciliation.

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