Public Performances – 28 & 29 Nov 2009

What stories has the Carlton Courthouse heard in it’s lifetime?

Let’s add some more.

This weekend we invite our audiences to have their own stories heard and brought to life in this beautiful theatre.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue the conversation here. Use this space to share your thoughts, describe your experience and discuss the show with other members of the audience and the ensemble.

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2009 Spring workshops – the garden of story

Ian David & Mike McEvoy will facilitate this weekend’s workshops and are looking forward to sharing the journey into “the garden of story” with a great group of talented and passionate people.

We invite participants to use this space to continue the discussion and discoveries made throughout the weekend’s workshops.

To start, let’s see how many ways we can complete the sentence,

“The best stories… ”

To complete, see if you can capture the weekend’s story in 5 words.

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Awakenings Festival, Horsham

Melbourne Playback performed at the Awakenings Festival in Horsham on Friday 23 October.

There were lots of performers in the audience from mixed-ability groups that were performing at the Festival, and their enthusiasm was highly infectious! The excitement and fun of performing at the Festival was a dominant theme that emerged from the audience in our performance, along with some of the challenges of getting a show together and on to the stage. The beautiful venue (Wesley Performing Arts Centre) and great support from the Festival co-ordinating and technical staff helped things along too.

Were you there? Please feel free to continue the conversation here by leaving a comment.

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Celebrating Story Conference 8-9 Oct 2009

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company will open the ‘Celebrating Story’ Conference at the Abbotsford Convent tomorrow. Ian David & Andrew Gray will also facilitate a workshop on day one.

Please feel free to share your comments and continue the conversation here.

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young lives – courageous stories

We’ve performed and run workshops for lots of young people recently. We’ve been struck by the courage these audiences have shown as they discuss the challenges and successes in their lives.

Whether it is the young leaders of the Mitchell Shire in Seymour, teenagers living in Whittlesea, year 9’s from MLC, participants in the MTC scholarship program, or one of the other playback events for young people, we have been regularly inspired.

If you’re a young person and you’ve been part of a playback performance or workshop recently, feel free to ask us a question or tell us what you thought.

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Public Performances – 22 & 23 Aug 09

Thanks for joining us this weekend for our public performances at Dancehouse.

We hope you will join us as we continue the conversation here on this site.

Share your thoughts, describe your experience and discuss what you saw with fellow audience members and performers from Melbourne Playback.

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Memorable Moments

To help launch our new blog site, we thought we’d celebrate the memorable moments that have occurred in our performances and workshops! In over 25 years we have performed for thousands of people and heard many amazing stories. There are many moments that stand out for us because they made us laugh or cry or inspired us in some way.

What do you remember?

It might be the time Melbourne Playback visited your organisation or it might be a public performance you saw. It might be a particular story you heard someone tell, an image that the actors made, or a song that has stayed with you for some reason. It might even be something that occurred after a Melbourne Playback performance – a conversation inspired by a story you heard or a relationship that changed.

Read about the moments that live on beyond our performances and share with us the memorable moments that you’ve had with Melbourne Playback Theatre!

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