Creative Connections

Meet new people, get creative, share your stories and have fun!

Creative Connections is a six-week online* creative program commissioned by City of Darebin and presented by Melbourne Playback Theatre Company in collaboration with our partner organisations: Jika Jika Community Centre (with Watsonia Neighbourhood House and VALID), Your Community Health, Bridge Darebin, Darebin Climate Action Now, Sky Theatre and St Andrews Uniting Church (Fairfield).

We’ll keep this page updated with all the information you might need.

What is it?

As part of a small group (max 15 people), you will meet for two hours, once a week, for six weeks. Each week will be slightly different but will include watching Playback theatre shows, learning some storytelling, listening and improvisation skills, getting creative with a project of your choosing, and meeting a bunch of really wonderful peers, artists and facilitators.

Our trained facilitators will build a safe, friendly environment for you to explore your creative side and make deep connections through sharing each other’s stories.

The outline of the project looks like this, noting that this is all online:

  • Week 1: Meet each other and watch some theatre
    • Watch a Playback show, and meet your group and facilitator.
  • Week 2: Creative Workshop
    • With your small group and facilitator, learn the essential skills for any kind of storytelling like deep listening, listening for metaphors and images and thinking on your feet.
  • Weeks 3-5: Creative Project
    • Explore a creative project of your choosing. This could be anything, really! It might be writing stories together, drawing, making music and dancing, or making theatre. This project will be tailored to your group and there will be something for everyone.
  • Week 6: Wrap Up
    • Join other groups to watch a Playback show, reflect on your experience and share what you’ve explored together.

Remember that this is accessible for all abilities and interests – whether you don’t think of yourself as very creative, or you love the spotlight, this program is for you! All you need to bring is yourself and your curiosity.

*Due to access requirements, for some participants the program will be delivered in person in a COVID-safe manner. However, for most participants the program will happen online. 

Who is Melbourne Playback?

Melbourne Playback is Australia’s leading interactive theatre company, with almost 40 years’ experience. Melbourne Playback performs shows and provides workshops and training for community, education, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Our work builds connection, and develops skills in communication, collaboration, storytelling and leadership.

Melbourne Playback proudly presents Creative Connections at this time as personal storytelling is a powerful way to support social connection and address isolation, particularly in a time of uncertainty and change.

Melbourne Playback values building and fostering community; play, fun and creativity; and respect, cooperation, sharing and honesty. When we work we value every voice; honour each storyteller without judgement; and reflect the value of personal story. Find out more here.

Meet your Facilitators

To be announced soon!


Once a week for six weeks, running mid-January to the end of February 2021


Online! Using the Zoom platform.

(Note: for technology and access reasons some groups will be meeting in person in a COVID-safe manner.)


Participation is free!

Sign ups are through the partner organisation who let you know about this project. If you’d like to be involved or would like more information, please contact the relevant person. We’d love to have you!

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