Training & Professional Development

We invite you to come and experience practical skills and solutions to:

  • Master the language of communication
  • Present with confidence
  • Use story to communicate vision
  • Collaborative team culture

These sessions can be attended as a three-day package for in-depth training, or as individual sessions for those who want to target specific skills.



This active workshop will bring new awareness and mastery to your verbal and nonverbal communication. With a focus on authenticity, the tools gained will help you; express your true self more confidently, increase your likelihood of getting what you want, avoid conflict and maintain good relationships.

Who should attend? Business professionals, leaders and small teams wishing to develop strong working relationships by enhancing interpersonal communication skills.

Learning Outcomes:

• Understand and overcome communication barriers

• Active listening, body language, vocal tone and technique

• Send clear and concise messages

• Confidence, Empowerment, Awareness

• Giving and receiving feedback

• Tools to manage difficult conversations


This practical and experiential training is designed to help reduce anxiety around public speaking and increase confidence by mastering simple but effective presentation and performance techniques.

Who should attend? Business professionals and leaders wishing to further develop confidence in the preparation and delivery of workplace presentations.

Learning Outcomes:

• Increased confidence and effectiveness in delivering presentations

• Understanding and overcoming nerves, inner critic/, anxiety and adrenalin

• A toolkit of practical skills to build a dynamic communicator

• Effective use of slides – tips for powerpoint

• Feedback on your personal presentation style


Stories help us to understand different experiences and views. By learning the elements of story and mastering the art of storytelling, this short workshop will help you communicate values and ideas in a truly approachable and engaging way.

Who should attend? Leaders and business professionals who want to enhance engagement and the efficacy of presentations and internal communications through the use of story. This workshop is a perfect extension for participants of Present with Confidence.

Learning Outcomes:

• Listening for story in order to understand your people, organisation and community

• Develop the craft of telling a story that is strongly relevant & engaging

• Understand the elements of story

• Understand how stories communicate values and ideas


This energised workshop will bring your team together for a critical conversation about collaboration, culture and vision.

Who should attend? Small working teams looking to improve their collaboration and forge a shared vision. This session follows on perfectly from Master the Language of Communication and the other workshops in the series.

Learning Outcomes:

• Use the collaborative principles of improvisation to improve teamwork

• Identify team strengths and weaknesses

• Identify and define team values, behaviours and vision

• Increase understanding and empathy between team members

• A common language and concepts to support future team discussions


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Use Story to Communicate Vision

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Collaborative Team Culture

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