Melbourne Playback runs a variety of fun and engaging theatre workshops. Our company members are a team of highly skilled and experienced theatre practitioners all of whom are active participants in Melbourne’s vibrant wider arts community.

Our workshops are designed for students, teachers, facilitators, youth workers and anyone looking to reconnect with their creativity.

We regularly hold public workshop series for those just wanting to come along. (See What’s On to find out what workshops are coming up) Otherwise, we can specifically design a workshop for your group.

We have a variety of workshops on offer including:

  • Playback
  • Improvisation
  • Storytelling
  • Music including Singing and Drumming
  • Theatre making
  • Clown, Circus and Mime




Who’s it for?
Our playback theatre workshops attract community development workers, teachers, performing artists, facilitators and others interested in discovering and exploring playback theatre. They are for performers and non-performers alike.

Playback Theatre – Foundation skills
Introductory workshops honing in on listening and transforming personal story, improvisation, authentic expression, ensemble and physical theatre.
8 Thursdays: April 14 – June 2, 7pm-9.30pm, $570 / $470
Weekend: Sat & Sun Aug 20 & 21, $430 / $350

Playback Theatre- Song & Music focus
A weekend workshop focussing on the use of song and music in playback theatre.
Weekend: Sat & Sun Mar 19 & 20, 10am-5pm, $430 / $350

Music – improvising for Playback Theatre
A workshop for musicians. Uncover an approach to improvising with actors to create compelling theatre.
2 Wednesdays: May 25 & Jun 1, 7pm-9.30pm, $230 / $180

Performing Playback Theatre
An advanced workshop series that culminates in a performance for friends and family.
9 Thursdays: Oct 6 to Dec 1, 7-9.30pm, $725 / $600

Playback Theatre – Youth ensemble
In 2016 Melbourne Playback is pleased to launch playback theatre ensemble workshops for performers aged 13 to 17.
8 Thursdays: April 14 – June 2, 4.30-6.30pm, $370


Who’s it for? Our professional development workshops are designed for community leaders, business professionals and university students wishing to develop confidence and learn tools and techniques to improve workplace presentations and communication. They draw on playback theatre and actor training methodology and are for non-actors.

Storytelling A series of workshops to investigate the application of storytelling in leadership and other contexts beyond theatre. 5 Wednesdays: July 20 to Aug 17, 7-9.30pm, $350 / $290

In the moment A one-day workshop focussing on presence, truth, confidence, spontaneity and being squarely in the moment. 1 day: Sat April 16, 10am-5pm, $230 / $180

Present with Confidence Practical and experiential training for public speaking. 4 Wednesdays: 11 May – June 1, 7pm-9pm, $230 / $180. 4 Wednesdays: 9 Nov – Nov 30, 7pm-9pm, $230 / $180

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