Several local governments use Melbourne Playback as part of community consultation or staff training events. We regularly perform for community service organisations like Anglicare, SCOPE and Yooralla to help celebrate their staff and the work they do within the community.

“It was a great way to bring a disparate group together and help create a sense of solidarity & community.”

Mark Silver, Social Worker, Uniting Aged Care – Elgin St. Centre

There are many ways we can work within your organisation and community:

Entertainment, Celebration & Team-Building

Melbourne Playback performances are a dynamic way to bring staff and stakeholders together to celebrate the story of your community organisation and have a laugh together. The interactive nature of our work is designed to capture people’s attention and affirm the sense of team and community within your organisation. We open up empathy and the active listening and improvisation skills displayed by our professional performing ensemble are an inspiring example of teamwork at its best.


Through the sharing of participant stories, a Melbourne Playback performance creates a bridge which makes one person’s experience accessible to others. We generate a reflective dialogue so that emerging themes can reveal to a community what lives at its heart. This process can also help the group articulate a shared vision of what lies ahead.

Community Consultation

Melbourne Playback performances provide a forum where a community can find their voice. All perspectives are valued and often, through expert facilitation, the person who rarely speaks will share a story. The process is truly reflective, one where hidden truths are uncovered and real transformation can occur.

Managing Change

Melbourne Playback performances are a positive way for people to reflect on their thoughts and feelings through periods of change. It is often difficult for those within an organisational culture to see the culture for what it is. Our actors create a mirror for the group which is non-threatening and engaging. Individual stories have wider resonance for the audience and group members are often surprised and delighted that they are not alone in their experiences and perceptions. This can be an important step towards the forging of a shared vision.

“Melbourne Playback Theatre helps get a disparate staff group aligned, engaged and united in their understanding of the challenges they work with.”

Anne Wright, Austin Health

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