Client: Melbourne Business School, Master of Business Analytics
Year: 2015
Sector: Corporate, Education
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MBS – Case Study

‘Presentation Skills’ & ‘Storytelling with Data’ workshops:

“One guest lecturer said that the student presentations were echelons above what he’d usually expect”

Assoc Prof Jenny George, Director, Master of Business Analytics, Melbourne Business School

‘Real Play’ with Melbourne Playback actors:

“It gave me a really great experience of what the ‘real boss’ could be like”


“The highlight for me was seeing the range of possible reactions you could have in each situation and just seeing how adaptable you need to be”


Melbourne Business School curates a program of Personal Effectiveness workshops for students undertaking their Masters of Business Analytics. Associate Professor Jennifer George is the Director of the Masters Program and she stresses the importance that graduating students are equipped not just with the analytical quantitative skills, but also with the ‘soft skills’ so essential for business.

The rise of soft skills: Why top marks no longer get the best jobs
“Many graduates can crunch numbers to help make business decisions, but their efforts may be wasted if they communicate poorly.”

THE AGE March 15, 2015

Melbourne Playback’s Approach:

As part of the program, Melbourne Playback Theatre facilitates a series of experiential workshops to give students tools to communicate more effectively in a range of business settings. By practicing and rehearsing the elements of effective face-to-face communication, participants build their confidence to speak up and be influential in meetings, network with clients, excel in job interviews, enter difficult conversations and give strong business presentations that use story to influence.

Program Elements:

Presentation Skills workshops;

  • Equip students with presentation skills to support their performance in group presentations and meetings with prospective employers.
  • Introduce key exercises and techniques to calm nerves and enhance physical and vocal presence.

Storytelling workshops;

  • Theory and practice in storytelling, with a focus on using story to explain the analysis of data.

Real Play with professional actors;

  • Practice and feedback for difficult conversations, delivering bad news to a boss, coaching a colleague, speaking up, influencing up.

Melbourne Playback Theatre performance;

  • Reflection on the experiences and insights from workplace practicums.
  • Actors model communication and teamwork skills and Q&A.

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