Client: NAB
Sector: Corporate
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NAB – Case Study

NAB is a financial services organisation with over 12 million customers and 50,000 staff. The NAB Collections High Potential Program accelerates training for managers identified as future leaders in the organisation. A training program was required to learn communication skills and integrate them practically in an engaging way.

Objectives of the program:

“At the end I feel enlightened/inspired. I really enjoyed it, was really good to learn different techniques of communication and how important it is to have an objective and purpose and mirror body language to purpose.”


Melbourne Playback’s approach

A tailor-made half-day training program included simulations to:

  • Manage first impressions and image
  • Know the audience – adapt message to suit the context
  • Choose appropriate forums and modes for communication
  • Understand what happens in a listener’s mind
  • Pitch a message – communicate with persuasion
  • Read body language to see how your message is being received

To integrate the skills learnt during the training, a forum to further explore practical solutions to common communication challenges.

“The theatrical retelling of the story was really powerful, I found the message spoke volumes over the verbal message.”


“I thought the workshop was fantastic! I feel that I am more aware of the barriers as well as the aids to eective communication.”


High impact and long lasting results

‘It was a fantastic day and it was great to hear that everyone had a new take away to bring back into their communications tool box!’

Communications Team Member Ellen Koslevcar

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, and surveys provided a net promoter score of 86.

“Fantastic. Full of laughter – FUN. Clear presentation and inspirational.”


“Great workshop. The artists were great. Feel energetic and lively at the end.”


A Melbourne Playback training session teaches skills that can be integrated immediately into the workplace. Feedback from participants twelve months on show that the skills learnt have long lasting impact:

“I’ve been more conscious in the way I project myself in both tone and body language and have been more aware of understanding how I could be perceived in the workplace.”



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