Finding Our Voices

Connecting young people through story – see your stories turned into theatre, hear from your peers, and celebrate your journey. (Participate as little or as much as you’d like!)

Proudly supported by VicHealth’s ‘Reimagining Health’ fund, this project compliments Project Ready’s nurturing and practical approach, by creating space for the groups of young people to share their stories and connect deeply with each other, as well as using play and storytelling to become more adaptable, come to appreciate their personal strengths and develop communication skills and self-esteem. MPTC uses proven Playback theatre techniques to build community and practical life skills in a way that is playful and highly accessible.

Students and facilitators, please refer to your info packs for detailed information about your specific event.


Proudly supported by:




Mitchell Shire (see invitation for details)


By invitation, free.

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