Public Performances – 22 & 23 Aug 09

Thanks for joining us this weekend for our public performances at Dancehouse.

We hope you will join us as we continue the conversation here on this site.

Share your thoughts, describe your experience and discuss what you saw with fellow audience members and performers from Melbourne Playback.

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2 thoughts on “Public Performances – 22 & 23 Aug 09

  1. Mike McEvoy, ensemble member says:

    Last night we heard two moving stories about disability and the challenges that face the family members and staff who care for people with disabilities. This morning when I read this article ( in the age I was struck by its relevance to the two stories we performed last night. I wonder if the news of Eddie Travaglia and his sons was known to the tellers last night or if it is a case of the collective unconscious at work. Either way, it is always impressive how playback shows seem to pick up on themes present in the public sphere. I wonder if the other two stories we heard (both love stories) will pop up in the newspaper this week?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I attended the show on the 23/8 and thought the performances were wonderful. I shared a story about my year (the ending of a longterm relationship and new beginnings) and the actors performed an exquisite and moving piece. I cannot imagine that they could have crafted anything more poignant and beautiful if they had worked for weeks preparing the piece. Instead it was done spontaneously. The facilitator also showed a lovely sensitivity with his questions. The night touched my heart and lifted my spirits. Thank you to all involved.

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