Awakenings Festival, Horsham

Melbourne Playback performed at the Awakenings Festival in Horsham on Friday 23 October.

There were lots of performers in the audience from mixed-ability groups that were performing at the Festival, and their enthusiasm was highly infectious! The excitement and fun of performing at the Festival was a dominant theme that emerged from the audience in our performance, along with some of the challenges of getting a show together and on to the stage. The beautiful venue (Wesley Performing Arts Centre) and great support from the Festival co-ordinating and technical staff helped things along too.

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One thought on “Awakenings Festival, Horsham

  1. Mike McEvoy, ensemble member says:

    It was such a fun day in Horsham! I could tell that our audience was going to be lively from the level of enthusiasm Petra and I encountered in the workshop we facilitated that afternoon.
    I enjoyed all of the stories and moments we heard on the night, and took special delight in exaggerating the horror in one story where the male teller had told of the awkward feeling of having to rehearse in the female dressing-room!
    It was also great to see Sunbury's mixed abilities theatre company, "Boilover", at the festival.

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