Playback theatre is magical!

It is a very exciting time in Playback life, the Geelong Courthouse public performance was just great with lots of positive feedback from storytellers and the general public.

Margaret Bourke, Program Manager at GPAC who had never seen a Playback Performance said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and thought isn’t it great that this diverse group of people are sitting in a theatre in Geelong participating in this. I was pleasantly surprised!”

Our other Playback Performances this year will be at Theatre Works in September and LaMama Court House in December. If you have never had a playback experience then don’t miss our next Public Performances, get on our mailing list (front page of website) and be made to feel special by having a story from your life told…


Or just watch other people’s be told as Simone a member of the Geelong Courthouse performing group said:

“The show was such an amazing, positive experience. As an adolescent/young person in Geelong I really cannot recommend Playback Theatre enough. It blew my mind. I am on such a high. Prior to seeing the show I had been worried about a few things going on in my personal life, but the Playback Theatre performance just spoke to me in such a way that I feel at peace and able to tackle anything now, despite not having my own story told to me.

I have not laughed like that in ages. I cannot thank Playback Theatre enough. Personally, I think the bottom line was that the stories were performed in an incredibly beautiful and feel-good manner: it was magic.”

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